Solle Farms


Allegre Vineyard surrounds the farmhouse on the East and reaches North towards Mt Adams. The Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and recently grafted Muscat grapes are loved and cared for by Jen Kroner & Pat Allegre, who grew up on the farm as a child. Most of our grapes go to Viento winery who have won several awards for their Verona label, a Pinot Gris/Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay blend that uses our grapes.

Pat had helped out on the farm over the years but didn’t get seriously involved until he planted the grapes.

The first year after planting the vineyard they only had enough grapes to make jam. But the following year it looked like they would have a crop and started looking for a place to sell it. Just before harvest Pat and Alan were driving in the valley near Portland when they took a wrong turn and drove up a driveway where they found a winemaker bottling with a portable machine. Pat couldn’t help but check it out and that’s how they met Rich Cushman of Viento who bought their crop on the spot.

The wine from that first real crop won the wine a Bronze medal in the national competition, Women for Wine Sense. One little acre in Hood River Valley beat out the likes of Gallo -who would have thought?  Since then the wine from our grapes has been chosen by Portland Monthly, Sunset Magazine, Oregon Wine Press & Wine Enthusiast.