Solle Farms


The farm house was built on top of Ehrck hill in 1907 by William & Caroline Ehrck who cleared the timber (with mules & horses!) to plant an apple orchard and 50 acres in hay, oats and wheat. Their deed was part of the homestead act and was signed by President Harrison himself.

In 1946 Elbert (Hap) & Myrtle Allegre bought the farm and added pears, cows & chickens. Myrtle raised five kids, never weighed over 100 lbs, and made the best chocolate chips cookies. Elbert loved the farm and worked outside every day. On his last day, he was out in the orchard straightening a stack of bins.

Then in 1973, a social studies teacher named Alan Solle bought the land, planted strawberries and named it Berry City -which was known because of its flavor and quality. The years brought two daughters, cherries, peaches, pears and too many animals to count. Although Alan has passed away, his wife Bobbie continues his vision with the help of two of Alan’s favorite people: Jen and Pat.

The original farmhouse still stands after 100 years -the home to three different families over the years and still boasting one of the best views in the valley.